Lovecraftian Lovefest

“A night of Lovecraftian Death Metal” is how Revocation front man and guitarist extraordinaire, David Davison, termed what was in store for the rabid crowd at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. He wasn’t bullshitting. Opening with the title track from their new release, The Outer Ones, Davison and crew tore a fierce set consisting of three songs from the new album as well as crushers dating all the way back to the their 2009 offering Existence is Futile. It’s hard to believe Revocation’s first album came out a mere ten years ago, because at this point they seem like an institution in the world of metal. The band’s new release is as aggressive and melodic as anything in their catalog, and they delivered the new material with an impressive depth and precision.

Also on the bill were the death metal gods of gruesome Exhumed, with their blood-soaked, murderous mascot, Dr. Filthy, in tow. Truly a blast to watch live, founder Matt Harvey and the current edition of band members were fast and filthy.

Rivers of Nihil was also part of the night’s lineup, winding down what has been a momentous year for the band. Their 2018 album, Where Owls Know My Name, took the metal world by storm with a wave of critical praise and an exponentially growing fan base. As always, the proggy Pennsylvanians delivered an outstanding, albeit short set covering their burgeoning discography.

Nashville’s Yautja, as well as Michigan acts Boreworm and Throne opened the show, all performing to a pretty sizable crowd that showed up early enough to catch their sets.

Todd Gilleland
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