The Carnage and Chaos Tour at The Crofoot

Carnifex Vocalist Scott Ian Lewis

After surviving what cannot be overstated as a brutal fucking winter, the metalheads in Pontiac were as ready to convene on the smoking patio of The Crofoot as they were to soak up all the deathcore the Carnage and Chaos Tour had to offer. Between sets, the outdoor area was shrouded in a gray fog of smoke from cigarettes, joints and vape pens, along with a sense of Spring optimism even the most jaded nihilists in attendance couldn’t escape. It was the kind of night where seasonal depression turns back into regular old depression, and for a few hours one could pause all the internal self-loathing and misanthropic angst and experience someone else’s musical interpretations of those sentiments.

The main stage lineup consisted of Carnifex, Oceano, Winds of Plague, Archspire, Spite, Buried Above Ground, Shadow of Intent, and local band Until Solace. While the bands skewed overwhelmingly deathcore, there was some exceptional death metal to be had.

What makes The Crofoot such a great venue is the fact that it has three stages, two of which were utilized for letting local acts scream and shred their asses off to small rooms packed with both fans and curious, drunken passersby. The Michigan metal scene was well represented in these cramped, poorly lit but high energized spaces. Dead Eyes Always Dreaming, Recorruptor, Coffin Talk, Neracoal, Dead Nerves, Ingravesco and Colorless Exile all delivered. And while Convalescence is technically from Toledo, they play in the state so often that they earn honorary inclusion in the Mitten’s arsenal of great bands.

Even if Carnifex hadn’t topped the bill, they would’ve felt like the headliners. They just have this shit down. All the pieces are in place. Front man Scott Ian Lewis loomed large, with the menacing appearance of a villain from Mad Max. He demanded circle pits, and he damn well got them. The band was spot on, tearing through the set with precision and intensity. The crowd was rabid enough as it was, but when the band returned for their encore and launched into Slayer’s Angel of Death, the place went nuts.

Once again, Pontiac proved itself to be one of the preeminent metal cities in the state.

Carnifex guitarist Jordan Lockrey

Adam Warren of Oceano

Scott Smith of Oceano

Johnny Plague

Adrienne Cowan of Winds of Plague

Oliver Rae Aleron of Archspire

Dean Lamb of Archspire

Jared Smith of Archspire

Eric McMahon of Buried Above Ground

DJ Gunnarson of Buried Above Ground


Darius Tehrani of Spite

Alex Tehrani of Spite

Until Solace

Keith Wampler of The Convalescence

Clint Franklin of Recorruptor

Sasha Hunter of Dead Eyes Always Dreaming

Corey Alexander and Will Betts of Dead Eyes Always Dreaming


Todd Gilleland
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